Volunteering Roles Available

(All roles will involve mentoring)

  • Preference will be given to volunteers that can commit long-term and that can attend our monthly Team meeting 2:15 pm on Fridays.

  • As we are understaffed, we kindly encourage you to join either any upcoming Parents Circle and/or Positive Birth Movement event in order to meet face-to-face with us and express your interest and commitment. This will speed up your "hiring" greatly! Thank you for your understanding :-)

Funding Committee leader - URGENT

Helping us to think of ideas to raise funds so we have more resources to do our awareness work, apply for competitions, think out of the box.. Current funding structure: currently, unlike traditional NGO's in Luxembourg, becoming a member of our association is free to make it more accessible, therefore we rely on the income from our events and workshops to cover our running costs and enable us to further our awareness goals. But we would also like to make more of our activities free, therefor we are looking for someone to help us think of and implement innovating ways to raise funds.

Event Planners & Facilitators:

We can never have enough event Facilitators and Planners. We believe "building a village" is key to the wellness of new and expecting parents, especially in a country where many of us are expats.

Parents Circle: monthly, we are always looking for more facilitators

Positive Birth Movement Meetup: Are you passionate about birth, informed-decision making and empowering birthing families? Or are you a birth/related field worker? We would love more facilitators at our monthly group as part of the global movement to spread more positivity in birth. Because, every family deserves a positive birth experience.

Volunteer Manager:

Help us in keeping our team inspired and motivated, help to arrange the monthly team meetings, organise gifts for special events, arrange the 2x py team building activities that help our team to be cohesive and search for, communicate, interview and integrate potential new volunteers

Collaborations Team

We are always happy to collaborate with others in the community and to support small businesses. If you like networking and are organised, please join our collaborations team.

Blog Team: Urgent

Blog Manager to manage the Luxmama Blog (on Wordpress), search for and stay in touch and following up with blog contributors, editing, publishing and promoting and growing our blog in creative ways. If you have Wordpress skills we need you like yesterday to improve + revamp the look of our blog.

Blog Contributor: Do you like to write? Do you have any topics on your mind that would be of interest to expecting and new parents? Would you like to do interviews with parents or maternity & parenting professionals (we will provide guidance about content.)

FB Group Moderator - Maternity & Parenting Professionals - we need you to help moderate comments in our FB group and ensure we maintain a safe space.

Social Media Manager (for individual SM accounts or all) Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter etc.

Twitter Account Manager- do you like social media? Help us expand and maintain our existing account.

Youtube Account Manager - do you have experience with using Youtube or would you like to learn on the go and help us grow our Youtube videos.

Youtube Interviewer - do you find the idea of creating Youtube videos exciting?! It can help us with our awareness work as well as for fun, doing interviews with parents about their experiences etc!

Marketing Committee - URGENT

A manager and committee members needed to continue to develop our existing overall marketing strategy, explore new opportunities.  (No previous experience needed but welcomed. Good communication skills needed.) If you have EN + FR + LU + DE language skills, we need you like yesterday for this role.

Flyer distributor project manager - URGENT

(Part of Marketing Committee) to visit Gynecologist offices and ask to put our flyers out.  Very easy but much needed!

(No previous experience needed)

Campaigns/awareness team:

Help us to tackle our 3 pillars (below), 1 by 1, put in place a formal strategy. (No previous experience needed)


  • Pillar 1: Birth Rights Campaigns Team:

(Do you believe that it is important as society to respect women's rights in childbirth? Read about our current campaigns. We always need more hands to support. Specifically if you have maternity care advocacy language skills, legal skills it would be a bonus.

  • Pillar 2: Perinatal Mental Health Campaign Leader

Have you been touched and would like to make it easier for women after you?

We know that peer-to-peer support is key in providing relief and that is exactly why we are so passionate about our Social Events but we are also looking for other concrete ways to make a difference in our community.

(No previous experience needed)

  • Pillar 3: Green Parenting Awareness Campaign Leader URGENT

Are you passionate about protecting the earth for future generations, knowledgeable or interested in Climate Change, raising awareness to decrease the toxic load of families. Perhaps you're good at creating social media posts with useful content to inspire busy parents in easy ways how to be a green parent and contribute positively to climate change.  We are open to ideas. Are you familiar with DIY green hacks e.g. making your own non-toxic personal care products, cleaning products etc.


Luxembourgish + French speakers/translators for our Midwife/Doula Awareness Campaigns - URGENT

We are looking for a Luxembourgish speaker interested to help us advocate for parents' rights. This could be translating a document here and there, helping to communicate with local press as part of our press release. French and German abilities are advantageous.

Meetup Event Organisers/Meetup manager

Becoming a parent is easier when you have a social support network, and this is even more important for expats without their families in Luxembourg.

Meetup Manager: Help us to grow our meetup group, welcome new members, inspire others to organise ad-hoc meetups/playdates, organise a weekly playgroup/get-together and come up with fun ideas.

Meetup Event Organiser - would you like to plan ad hoc and casual or regular (e.g. weekly) meetups with a specific theme? e.g. walks in park, playdate, swimdate, mama movie-night etc.

FB groups Associates

Mention us/our specific offerings in comments when you notice a need in FB groups.

Luxembourg Parents FB Group Promo Poster

Help us to promote our events & workshops by posting scheduled posts in Luxembourg Parents FB Group. Very easy!

(No previous experience needed)

Graphic Designer (with experience)

Video Editor - (with talent and a dash of experience).

We would be tremendously grateful to have a Video Editor that can edit clips we capture by mobile phone, add text, transitions, our logo, and to overlay songs for effect. We have a Youtube channel and our dream is to make more use of this wonderful tool in our awareness and other work.

Maternity & Parenting Professionals

with a Holistic Philosophy to join our team of Teachers.

Would you like to run Workshops for us?

We would really appreciate midwives to join our team!

Would you like to run a ParentPrep activity -  workshop, group or weekly class for expecting parents, parents or parents with babies/toddlers? Please note: to ensure high quality, teachers are remunerated, while our association retain a % to compensate for setup and promotion of ParentPrep activities.

Please note that we are overwhelmed with requests for workshop teachers and will consider your application as soon as possible.

ParentPrep Workshop Coordinator - URGENT

Help us to plan new workshops that fit within our goals, search for teachers, search and communicate with venues and workshop participants.

Virtual support to management - URGENT

Help management to do follow ups, answer general inquiries, organise meetings, do social media posts etc.


Translate/help us to communicate to/in French, Luxembourgish or German

Proofread English published works by us: Blog, Newsletter etc.


Experience with websites preferred or otherwise eager to learn. Native Eng speaker preferred.


If you have a special skill or talent, and it would be nourishing to the community and provided we have the resources to maintain it - we would like to hear from you!