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Becoming Us

Before Baby Program

The Becoming Us™ Prenatal Program is a psycho-educational relationship program that aims to develop a stronger and deeper relationship bond between couples who are preparing for the birth of a child (1st or any subsequent sibling) to support individual and relationship health and well-being and to create an early foundation for teamwork parenting. The program addresses a huge gap in current antenatal education which focus mainly on birth and sometimes parentING.  Becoming Us™ is a world-first, award-winning, evidence-based approach to the stages of early parentHOOD, the major challenges in each stage and the steps to manage them by Parenting Pioneer, Elly Taylor.

Studies show more than half of all couples report a decline in their relationship after the birth of a baby. This course can help!

The main aims of this 8-stage model as part of prenatal education to expectant parents is to:
Strengthen the couple connection to increase both mothers’ and fathers’ capacity to cope with the normal, but unexpected, changes and challenges of parentHOOD.
Promote parent/infant bonding for both mothers and fathers/co-parents.

According to research, parents who are prepared for parentHOOD:

  • Have a better birth experience, including reduced risk for a negative birth experience

  • Adjust more quickly in the postpartum period

  • Are more likely to cope and less likely to suffer from Perinatal mental health challenges

  • Are happier with their partner and less likely to experience relationship problems, and

  • are MORE likely to have what they need to create the family they dream about!

 Through the completion of the program, participants will:

  • Have more realistic expectations of life with a new baby/sibling

  • Know that there are normal changes and challenges experienced by most couples

  • Have more awareness of what they will need to cope during the transition

  • Have a holistic plan for stress relief

  • Have a ready-made support system and other options

  • Become aware of the mental and emotional shifts that are likely to occur as individuals and as a couple through the transition,

  • have skills for connection including conflict resolution strategies

  • Have more confidence knowing how to anticipate and manage challenges

  • learn when to reach out for professional help

 While in the program, couples will:

  • Be supported to identify and enact teamwork goals

  • Develop relationship skills that translate to parenting their own child/children

  • Receive support to develop other informal support networks

  • Learn how to support each other, grow together through differences and how to reconnect along the parenting journey

  • Build knowledge of their own needs, and by extension, their child’s developmental needs and the need for flexibility in responding

  • Develop familiarisation with local and online support services and confidence to access when needed

  • Be empowered to make healthy lifestyle decisions for themselves and their family.

  • Get the tools they need to "baby-proof" their relationship

Becoming Us has been endorsed by COPE, the Centre for Perinatal Excellence in Australia and CAPPA, the Childbirth and Parenting Professional Association in North America.

 What parents say:

"I feel a lot more prepared to not only be a parent, but a more in-tune partner.

Definitely encourage others to spend this time now as an investment in their selves, their partner, and future little one." Dad S.S.

"Other classes prepared me to go through birth and keep baby healthy.

This course has prepared me to keep our family and home healthy." Dad A.C.

"We truly feel like we are "becoming" parents together - the curriculum/ classes are easy to follow and encouraging.

The exercises and hands on learning was also meaningful and important. I highly recommend this class to expecting parents who want intentional space to reflect and prepare emotionally and practically with guidance and support." Mom and her partner K.S.

"After taking the Becoming Us course I feel like I'm better prepared for what lies ahead with both my child and my spouse." Mom S.S.

"The Becoming Us course will have a positive impact on me as a person as I will be able to recognise and express my emotions in a more clear way. It's also very good to learn these important things together with your partner, so we have the same starting point." Mom R. G.

"It was a great experience! I most valued the discussion on the layers of connection and management of expectations. I would highly recommend the course to others" Dad A. G.

"Attending the Becoming Us course made me more aware of modelling the right behaviour of communication to my child. The course will impact my relationship by improving our communication and how we handle conflict by focusing on the primary emotions and using reflective listening. Overall a very great experience and enjoyable! I would highly recommend this course to others." Dad A. M.

"The focus on emotions during the process and understanding emotions plus the importance of the parent's well-being and needs are what I valued most from this course. As an individual is has really helped me manage my expectations and understand the new normal ahead. It will positively impact our relationship as it helped us to understand what each of us will experience and how to support each other and communicate. I feel more prepared to be a conscious parent, understanding the impact my actions have on my partner and child." Mom A. M.

As recent parents this program allowed us to be aware of what can be expected as a new parent and how this will affect our relationship. The program gave us some insight after the birth of our baby. This final session was totally valuable to share our first expressions and emotions and how to overcome these and adapting to a new life with 3. Thank you for your time with us and valuable experiences. Angelo & Zori

The course will help my journey of growth on an individual level as a parent and as a couple and in terms of me and my partners' relationship, in communicating our feelings better. It will help us become the parents we want to be. Thank you for helping us to think differently, getting into the right mind-frame and also equipping us with language and strategies as we embark on discovering and creating our "new normal" as a family and as a couple. 3rd time mom

 - Can't make the date but would like a private course: Please arrange individually by contacting the teacher below -


Expecting Couples

(1 Ticket includes 1 parent + 1 co-parent)


It doesn't matter if it's a first, second, third etc baby - the benefits of attending this program together will reinforce and support each new transition into parenthood.


Each group program consists of 4 prenatal and 1 postnatal reunion sessions of 2.5 - 3h each.

Please sign up here with your Due Date and availability to be added to the next group. As soon as the group is complete, we will schedule the dates with the group.

Breaks: You may enjoy lunch in Helmsange/Walferdange

To bring: Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle and small, healthy snack to share in group

TOP TIP: Sign up for our other Prenatal ParentPrep workshops here.


1 Ticket includes 1 parent + 1 co-parent

Cancellation policy:

1 week before the event - full refund, < 1 week before event - 100% cancellation fee

Course valued at €550 per couple and includes take-home handouts + over 35 hours of priceless education. Our offer is significantly lower at €295 per couple to make it more accessible as we believe, investing in families creates thriving societies.

Please submit your interest above under the section "When"


Creche Cannelle & Caramel

99 Rue Prince Henri,

7230 Helmsange, Luxembourg


Parking available on site


Public transport: A brisk 8 min uphill walk from bus 11 stop or the Walferdange train station or check your best route on the Mobiliteit-app

More about the Teacher:


Originally from South Africa and in Luxembourg since 2009, Marise Hyman is a mama of 2 daughters born here in the Grand Duchy that swapped her 17 year corporate career to follow her passion as Holistic Maternity & Empowerment professional.


She is an IMPI Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Practitioner, Happiest Baby on the Block Educator, IMPI Perinatal/Maternity Coach/Educator, “Becoming Us” Facilitator, Birth Advocate, "Dancing for Birth" Instructor, Holistic Childbirth Educator, Fearless Birthing Professional (Headtrash clearance method), "Birth into Being" Facilitator level 1-4, Reiki Practioner and founder of Luxmama.

Through heart-centred and soulful coaching, educating and healing via, she works holistically with individuals and couples worldwide in conscious empowerment, preconception, pregnancy, birth and conscious parenting towards empowerment in life, BE-ing and the transitions into parenthood.


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