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We are a non-profit organisation raising awareness on Human Rights in Childbirth in the interest of perinatal health in English

Our target audience include residents and expats from nationalities all over the world with the common language of communication English. 

Structure and fundraising

We remain independent from government funding to avoid conflict of interest in the work we do on Human Rights in Childbirth.

Since inception until well into Covid, we managed to host regular community events but due to a lack of volunteers, logistics, changing market, the asbl no longer organises activities directly. The remaining funds we've raised over the years cover cost to keep the Human Rights in Childbirth info on our website & blog accessible and on case by case basis, we are donating to active and engaged Universal Human Rights actions/projects in Luxembourg with an impact on health and wellness of birth, children, families.


Volunteers are unpaid.


Our annual financial statements are filed voluntarily (not required by law) annually to the Luxembourg Trade & Company Register. (To view: after logging in via "Connection" (top-left button), under "Offered Services" click "view the person's file", next enter RCS# F10484)

Awareness Pillars

Proceeds from fundraising (mainly via events and workshops) are used to pay our running costs so we are able to further our 3 Awareness Pillars.


Perinatal Mental Health:
  • Perinatal mental health challenges are very common during pregnancy and when becoming a family. The loss of the "village" in our modern society (especially with expats), increased stress, not being able to adapt/be flexible, unrealistic expectations, not enough support, isolation etc are all increased risk factors for both mom and dad.

  • Furthermore, it is well understood in Birth Psychology that having a negative birth experience is a major contributor to postnatal mental challenges. Therefore we believe that all families deserve an empowered birth experience. We have created the following offerings to support this, as PREVENTION IS KEY:

    • #choice2haveamidwife campaign: according to Human Rights in Childbirth, the WHO and the principles of evidence-based care, families should have freedom of choice to access autonomous (not subservient to doctors) midwifery care in pregnancy and birth from traditionally trained (according to international standards) midwives as this leads to improved outcomes and satisfaction. In fact, healthy low-risk expectant parents have better outcomes and satisfaction under the continuity midwifery-led model of care.

    • #choice2haveadoula campaign: Research studies on continuous non-medical labour support (as complement to medical team) shows that it can decrease the risk of having a negative birth experience by 34%. Having respectful, compassionate, continuous labour support from a known and trusted person with whom the family has formed an attachment relationship is a highly effective preventative measure (in the absence of the choice of an independent, autonomous, traditional midwife in all birth settings).

Green Parenting:

It is our responsibility as parents to model behaviour that teach children to preserve the earth for future generations. . In addition, it is in our children's and our own interest to become aware of environmental toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis and to make informed choices both for our own health as well as mother earth. It's a double whammy really :-)

Awareness pillars
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