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because there's no planet B...

Our climate is breaking down...

On a massive scale, we all urgently need to:




We need to stop funding things that destroy nature and invest in things that protect nature.

There is a magic machine, that sucks carbon out of the air, costs very little and builds itself. It's called a TREE.

A tree is a natural climate solution that can repair our broken climate...

Everything counts. What you do counts.

Greta Tunberg & George Monbiot, environmental activists


Read on below to learn more about Treesisters to fund reforestation

Why the need for this Campaign?

What we're doing to help

Lead by example

We do our utmost best to walk the extra mile opt for eco-friendly choices in whatever we do at our activities. It's not always easy but if we can do it, you can too...

Raise awareness

Through our social media and other channels. You can too in discussions with friends, family and your co-workers and of course by sharing on your social media networks...


We pro-actively choose to contribute in restoring nature by raising funds for treesisters, a women-led reforestation movement. You can donate too.

What's green parenting?

Green parenting is about making conscious choices, good for us, our children AND good for our planet. Creating little humans and accumulating stuff as we raise them, accrues a heavy ecological footprint. It's their future after all, so it makes sense to be mindful about how we support nature, not only take from nature.

Giving back

In 2019 we've gathered a range of eco-friendly raffle prizes as part of our Online Winter Raffle of which we've donated the proceeds to to fund the restoration of our tropical forests as a collective expression of planetary care. Visit to continue the giving by making a donation.

Why treesisters?

Treesisters is a feminine response to climate change.

TreeSisters are on a mission to replenish the world’s forests, which is proving to be one of the most powerful and life creating solutions to climate change, a global reforestation movement that’s built on love, reverence and care for nature.

By donating, you are supporting our planet's restoration. Any amount big or small makes a difference...

"If you’re warming our planet or taking from her, which we all are, then it’s time to start giving back in ways that cool her down and restore her...”


Claire Dubois, founder of `treesisters’


Articles on our blog around the topic of #greenparenting

Fund trees now

With €5 per ticket, you can support AND stand a chance to win an eco-friendly raffle prize

Have ideas & time?

Please get in touch if you are passionate about the environment, knowledgeable about climate change and/or non-toxic practices/"Greening"?

Learn more about climate change

Visit our youtube channel playlist for inspiration

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