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Calm Birth® - Birth Prep Course

Calm Birth® is a recognised meditation & breathing program for pregnancy, birth, and beyond based on 3 main evidence-based meditation practices. ​


A pregnant woman’s meditation practice always has dual benefits. The woman communicates psychologically and energetically, influencing the child to produce beneficial neurohormones and neurotransmitters. She also communicates hormonal benefits through her bloodstream to her child. The body will not work well if it is constantly overexerted and overstressed. Meditation is an opportunity to replenish the body’s stores, regain strength, rest and heal.

Benefits include:​

  • Enhanced immune and hormone systems

  • Stress reduction and the ability to cope with life’s challenges

  • Improved rest and sleep

  • Neuromuscular release and nervous system healing

  • Engaging life force at the cellular level, to increase vitality in preparation for childbirth.

  • Deeper bond with your partner, your baby, and yourself

  • Self-empowering skills that carry through every breath of life.


Refined through 20 years of development and application, Calm Birth is a unique birth preparation program introducing a new potential in childbirth through mind-body medicine. No matter what kind of birth, birthing families are empowered to retain present moment awareness in the face of challenges enabling a deeper connection to the body and its functions as well as to the new life entering our world, making it possible for women to access their inherent potential for an extraordinary experience in giving birth and for birth partners to participate in the experience.


Calm Birth offers a chance to regain a sense of the sacred in childbirth, whether or not medical interventions are used. Calm Birth is highly encouraged in case of medical births. The immune system empowerment is ideal for the potential side effects of anesthesia, and speeds healing from invasive procedures. Cesareans, whether planned or not, also provide an important opportunity to deeply connect with the baby through the breath, supporting baby through the birth with love and nourishment.


Calm Birth is founded by Dr Robert Bruce Newman and based on the clinical and research programs in the medical uses of meditation of the Harvard Medical School (HMS) and the University of Massachusetts Medical Center (UMMC).


How is Calm Birth different from other childbirth methodologies?

Calm Birth is unique from other childbirth methodologies in its application of ancient and modern meditation science to the pregnant and birthing body. No other methodologies teach complete breathing, channeling vital energy from the air into the body of parents and child. While most childbirth methodologies are focused on natural birth, Calm Birth applies to all types of childbirth. Additionally, while other childbirth methodologies end with birth, Calm Birth offers tools to empower parenthood and life itself.

When to start?

It is never too late or too early to start the practices—from preconception to active labor! Starting early in pregnancy increases the benefits for the entire family, but benefits will still be received no matter when you start.


“Calm Birth is a sublime gift to us all. The positive impact of it on society cannot be overestimated.”

Christiane Northrup, MD


“Calm Birth gives woman and birth professionals practical means to improve the quality of childbirth. Like the venerable education programs inspired by Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, Dr. Fernand Lamaze, and Dr. Robert Bradley, Calm Birth seeks to empower women for childbirth and offers ideas and practical methods for them to succeed. Like the previous programs, Calm Birth recognizes the central challenge posed by fear and sensations, though its solution is different, and it recognizes the importance of breathing, teaching a form of blended breathing into both the energy body and the physical body, reflecting a new vision of childbirth anatomy and potential.

David Chamberlain, Ph.D. author of Windows to the Womb and The Mind of Your Newborn Baby;  former president of Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health ("APPAH")

“In teaching Calm Birth meditation to pregnant women, I noticed that they were able to renew their inner strength and handle stress throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and early parenting. No matter what medical interventions or stresses may have occurred for the baby they appeared to be more calm and less stressed as well.”

Sandra Bardsley, RN, LCCE, FACCE, CM, President, APPAH author, Creating a Joyful Birth Experience


“…based on meditation and the best principles of established psychosomatic medicine… Calm Birth compassionately guides mothers-to-be and new mothers through carefully structured relaxation and meditation practices…An empowering alternative to the medicalization of birth, the techniques liberate women to channel their innate wisdom into welcoming their newborn child in a truly life affirming way.”

Thomas R. Verny, MD, DPsych, DHL, FRCPC, founder, the APPAH author, The Secret Life of the Unborn Child and Tomorrow’s Baby


"Calm Birth is the childbirth method that society and I have waited for.  It's been a long time coming, a very long time. I am a midwife and an educator, with a steady devotion to childbirth. I urge everyone to buy  Robert Newman's inspired book. The book does what is so deeply
needed. It heals the Earth by healing birth." Jeannine Parvati Baker author of Prenatal Yoga and Natural Childbirth  and Conscious Conception



I feel prepared with methods to do a calm labour and enjoy the exciting experience, feeling aware and present at any moment with my baby throughout the entire process. I really enjoyed it! I'll use the learnings beyond my pregnancy/delivery/early parent life!

Mom-to-be I.M

Calm Birth helped me to prepare for labor in a calm and positive way. I feel more confident about my abilities as a woman and as a future mother.Marise has a wonderful, calm energy which helps to bring trust in myself and make the class very enjoyable.

Mom-to-be C.L

 - Private sessions - please arrange individually by contacting the teacher at the bottom of this page -


Expectant parents,

with or without partner (Cost is per family)

If possible, we recommend to attend with your birth partner. ​Calm Birth is not only for the birthing woman: these practices are ideally used to enhance bonds between the partner, mother, and child.

More info


4 weekly sessions - Wed 18:30 - 20h00

Each series starting as soon as we have minimum of 4 families registered, then starting date TBA.

Contact us if you are interested in another time slot and can get a group together of minimum 2 couples.





     Please arrange to have for our sessions:

  • Something to drink

  • Notebook + pen to make notes

  • For session 1 and 4, please ensure you have a few ice cubes/something frozen in your freezer that you can go grab when it's time for our in-class activity :-) Bring it in a cup/bowl along with a piece of paper towel.

  • Wearing comfy clothes

  • A comfortable space to sit upright for most of our practices but also for 1 of the practices to be able to lie down and be in view + hear your computer.

  • The handouts sent to you upon registration

  • For session 4 we will also guide you to integrate movement along with the Calm Birth practices so please anticipate that we will get up :-)


  • 1 Ticket admits 1 family €200* introductory price (Includes handouts & 4 classes)​

  • Cancellation policy:  refunds within 1 week of course starting date

* Purchase of book & audio's required not included. Once registered you will receive info to purchase: 

  • The book kindle version +/- €12 or paperback +/- €18

  • The home practice audio's: $15

Calm Birth Jan/Feb 2021

Start date 13 Jan confirmed

Next 2021 dates



Sessions currently scheduled via Zoom, from the comfort of your own home! We know expecting parents are busy so replays are sent out to all registrants in case you miss a class so you can do the recorded group theory & practice in your own time. :-)

Please download/update the latest version of Zoom, pretest your video & audio, then click call link at the start of the meeting to join. 24hrs before class, all registrants will receive secured call details. 

To get the most out of the course, please ensure you and your partner will have some uninterrupted quiet time in front of the computer, comfortably seated with spine upright for most of our practices but also for 1 of the practices to be able to lie down and be in view + hear your computer.

More about the Teacher:


Originally from South Africa and in Luxembourg since 2009, Marise Hyman is a mama of 2 daughters born here in the Grand Duchy that swapped her 17 year corporate career to follow her passion since 2013.


She is an IMPI Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Practitioner, Happiest Baby on the Block Educator, IMPI Perinatal/Maternity Coach/Educator, “Becoming Us” Facilitator, Birth Advocate, "Dancing for Birth" Instructor, Holistic Childbirth Educator, Fearless Birthing Professional (Headtrash clearance method), "Birth into Being" Facilitator level 1-4, Reiki Practioner, Calm Birth Teacher and founder of Luxmama.

Through heart-centred and soulful coaching, educating and healing via, she works holistically with individuals and couples worldwide as Preconception, Prenatal & Parenthood Doula and as Self-Empowerment Coach/healer.


marise hyman
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