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Daniela Rosamond:

Volunteer Manager

volunteering luxembourg

Daniela is a "Frenchy" working in Luxembourg since 2015 as an osteopath.

Living in France with her husband, she is now running her own practice in Limpertsberg since 2016.

Daniela fell in love with her passion in high school, as she was looking for her life calling. Pediatrics and perinatal care is what led her to osteopathy and after six years of hard work, she became an osteopath in 2009 and had been practicing since then.

She has a real passion for human beings, how the body and mind work together and how one can impact the other. Her main goal is to help people to connect with themselves, listen to their bodies and practice self-care.
She discovered the Luxmama Club & ParentPrep asbl almost by chance whilst researching the topic of "Doulas". She was so amazed by the wonderful offerings, the energy and the purpose, she just wanted to give some support and join the team to help the growing community of parents during their life changing adventure.

She loves Tahitian dance, tiramisu, and street photography. While she is not helping her dear patients feeling better, you can find her reading books or taking pictures of strangers in the street.


She will be joining the Luxmama Team of volunteers as Volunteer Manager, helping our organisation attract, welcome and integrate new volunteers.

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