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Living just over the Luxembourg border in a little French town since 2014, Emmy began searching for a new career route and stumbled upon Luxmama Club.


Originally from Ireland, Emmy spent the early part of her 20's working with children (both voluntarily and as a qualified creche worker), she began exploring the earlier parts of a child's life and became increasingly interested in the baby years and maternity world.


She has joined the Luxmama Team to learn first hand about the needs and concerns of parents-to-be and is a Maternity Coach Trainee, she is currently exploring which courses and training to follow and eventually offer to the Luxmama Club members.


The difficulties facing new and expectant parents to be is caused not only by the conflicting information available, but also by the overally medicalised practices of today, and as Emmy began exploring a much more 'back to nature' and holistic approach to health, diet and life in general, she grew conscious of how today's practices aren't as respectful to the natural process as one would hope.


Emmy's passion for a more natural maternity experience was heightened when she discovered that she was expecting her 1st little bambino, due in July 2016. Experiencing the system from the inside and first-hand has been an eye-opening experience, and one which she hopes will serve her in her future career in the maternity field.

She is currently pursuing training in lactation support and can be found at Calla Lily Breastfeeding Support.




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